Accessibility Kit

The Accessibility Kit is a resource tool for settlement sector practitioners in Ontario. They learn the terms, legislation, and fundamental issues surrounding disability and accommodations there. The kit also contains nine personal stories of immigrants with disabilities.

I designed the kit for easy reading and legibility. I worked with a typographic modular scale and a precise grid to do so. I displayed in columns both content and visual elements.

I set the theme by creating a colorful icon set of accessibility symbols. I used them on the cover and some interior content pieces.

I worked with a series of portrait photos to personalize each story. Besides, I added the backgrounds and retouched the faces of the images for visual impact.

  • Main project: Accesibility Initiative
  • Teammates: Bilingual and Accesibility project coordinators, project assistants
  • Deliverables: Printed and digital guides in English and French, digital flyers, posters
  • Date: Summer 2014