Prosper Canada financial online tools

Prosper Canada is a national financial charity. Its purpose is to expand economic opportunities for Canadians living in poverty. They work with different programs and policy innovations.

I helped with the UI of three tools that offered financial empowerment solutions. Theis tools help frontline organizations to provide information and support their clients.

I worked with the web developers in different phases of the projects. The work went from getting users' feedback to iteration.

My design work focused on simplifying the system's complexity of their tools. My tasks involved the ideation of many different UI components: cards, nav components, button groups, and icon sets. I also created different layouts and contrasted branded color schemes.

  • Parent projects: Prosper Canada "Financial Literacy Outcome Evaluation Tool", "Future Planning Tool", and "My money in Canada" tool
  • Teammates: Information Systems manager, ASP Net and Drupal web developers
  • Deliverables: Low and high fidelity wireframes, UI, iconsets
  • Date: Fall 2016 to Summer 2020